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Feedback on Genshi

Blog posts and other feedback on the Genshi project found elsewhere on the web.

Genshi Filters for Venus

… when combined with the ability to inject in one or more streams, you have a text substitution based templating system that can do double duty as a rule based substitution markup language (like XSLT). And to top it off, such a markup language can also provide you with access to the underlying host language (in this case, Python).

(2007-04-14, by Sam Ruby)

Genshi Templates in Nevow

I've only used Genshi for recent Trac hacking, but I hear more and more about it and it seems to be gaining a little momentum as one of the preferred template systems for python web application developers.

(2007-03-25, by Duncan McGreggor)

XML Templating in Python Evolves

As the original and primary author of Kid, I'm extremely happy to now endorse Genshi as the state of the art in XML based templating. By all accounts, it is a superb system that takes Kid to another level and has already grown an impressive community.

(2006-11-11, by Ryan Tomayko, author of Kid)

Myghty is the Fastest Python Template Language. What Can it Do for Genshi?

Despite Myghty being fast and having lots of unique features, and while I will continue to fully support Myghty and its userbase (which includes a large number of Pylons users), I am also getting excited about Genshi, which provides a new way of thinking about markup.

(2006-11-04, by Mike Bayer, author of Myghty)

Python: I Love Genshi

I’ve totally fallen in love with Genshi! It's an XML templating engine for Python. I learned it between midnight and 2AM one night. By the next day, I was totally productive and totally loving it!

(2006-09-22, by Shannon -jj Behrens, author of Aquarium)

Genshi: the best template language in Python right now

Genshi builds on Kid’s template language with flexible includes via xinclude, template matching via XPath expressions, much better error reporting and better performance to boot. The Trac project is currently in the process of converting over to Genshi, and it’s in plan that TurboGears will convert to Genshi in TG 1.1

(2006-09-20, by Kevin Dangoor, founder of the TurboGears project)

Kid's getting a (not so) little brother?

I just finished moving homework from Kid to Genshi - and I'm very happy with the result. The xi:include is much clearer than py:layout and py:match are. The possibility to use directives like py:if/py:for/py:def as elements also saves some bloat like py:strips and makes the the templates even more concise. Genshi is definitly my first choice now.

(2006-08-26, by Jochen Kupperschmidt)

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