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Who Uses Genshi?

This page lists projects, products, companies, organizations, or individuals who are successfully using (or have used) Genshi.

If you're also using Genshi, feel free to add a blurb to the list!

Note: we'll occasionally check links added to this list, and remove sites that seem unlikely to be using Genshi (such as Wordpress powered blogs that claim to use Genshi for generating RSS/Atom feeds). If we accidentally remove a legitimate entry, feel free to protest by sending a mail to our MailingList.

  • Foxmarks (http://foxmarks.com)
    - At Foxmarks, we're turning web search upside down. Creating a better way to search that is community inspired and people powered. We're using Genshi for all our public facing Web sites.
  • TurboGears web framework (http://www.turbogears.org) - Genshi can be used as an alternative template engine with TG 1.0 and is the default engine for TG 1.1 and TG 2.
  • Freebase online database (http://www.freebase.com)
    - Kind of like a database version of Wikipedia, using Genshi for all aspects of the site including inline editing and RSS.
  • openhexperience (http://ohxpd.openhex.org)
    - A rapid appplication development framework that use genshi in its view creating module
  • web2help (http://www.skeed.it/web2help.html)
    - A CHM help authoring tool. It grabs contents from web pages, and places them into CHM files, using genshi as a templating engine.

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