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Projects Extending Genshi


This projects enables Genshi to use HTML5 as:

input: similar to the built-in tag soup support, see GenshiRecipes/HtmlTransform for an example of use
output: similar to the built-in HTML support but follows HTML5 rules for optional tags and serialization
template language: similar to the built-in XML Template Language (work in progress)

HTML5 parsing is done using html5lib


Genshi2Js compiles a subset of a genshi templates to javascript functions.

It compiles control flow structures to the javascript equivalent and inserts invokations to a "writer" function into the javascript code to render the template into a javascript string, intended to be inserted into innerHTML of dom elements.


Filters is a Python package that provides shell-like data processing operators for generation of web content. Filters is designed to work together with a template-engine like Kid and Genshi.


GHRML takes your ugly XML/XHTML templates and makes them a joy to edit. It is inspired by Haml, and provides similarly nice indentation-based syntax for Python templates - a very natural fit! GHRML is initially implemented for Genshi Markup Templates (GHRML = Genshi Human Readable Markup Language), and can already also be used in Django.

See also: GenshiUsers

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