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String interpolation routines, i.e. the splitting up a given text into some parts that are literal strings, and others that are Python expressions.

interpolate(text, filepath=None, lineno=1, offset=0, lookup='strict')

Parse the given string and extract expressions.

This function is a generator that yields TEXT events for literal strings, and EXPR events for expressions, depending on the results of parsing the string.

>>> for kind, data, pos in interpolate("hey ${foo}bar"):
...     print('%s %r' % (kind, data))
TEXT 'hey '
EXPR Expression('foo')
TEXT 'bar'
param text:the text to parse
param filepath:absolute path to the file in which the text was found (optional)
param lineno:the line number at which the text was found (optional)
param offset:the column number at which the text starts in the source (optional)
param lookup:the variable lookup mechanism; either "lenient" (the default), "strict", or a custom lookup class
return:a list of TEXT and EXPR events
raise TemplateSyntaxError:
 when a syntax error in an expression is encountered

lex(text, textpos, filepath)

(Not documented)

See ApiDocs, Documentation

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