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Suppressing linebreaks with backspaces dosen't work in 0.7

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: hodgestar
Priority: major Milestone: 0.7
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Using Genshi 0.6 (with speedups) + Trac 1.0.1 generates emails looking like http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracNotification#SampleEmail

But using Genshi 0.7 (with speedups) results in all "\" being showed in the email and no linebreaks are removed.

Or are the docs outdated? http://genshi.edgewall.org/wiki/Documentation/text-templates.html#white-space-and-line-breaks

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suppress-linebreaks-with-crlf.patch (1.8 KB) - added by t2y <tetsuya.morimoto@…> 11 years ago.

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by hodgestar

This sounds like a regression in 0.7.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by hodgestar

There are tests for this in 0.7 and they appear to pass. Could you provide a short example showing the problem?

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by anonymous

This is what Trac uses:

{% choose ticket.new %}\
{%   when True %}\
{%   end %}\
{%   otherwise %}\
{%     if changes_body %}\
${_('Changes (by %(author)s):', author=change.author)}

{%     end %}\
{%     if changes_descr %}\
{%       if not changes_body and not change.comment and change.author %}\
${_('Description changed by %(author)s:', author=change.author)}
{%       end %}\
{%     end %}\
{%     if change.comment %}\

${_('Comment:') if changes_body else _('Comment (by %(author)s):', author=change.author)}

{%     end %}\
{%   end %}\
{% end %}\

${_('Ticket URL: <%(link)s>', link=ticket.link)}
$project.name <${project.url or abs_href()}>

Which can be found here: http://trac.edgewall.org/browser/tags/trac-1.0.1/trac/ticket/templates/ticket_notify_email.txt

comment:4 follow-up: Changed 11 years ago by hodgestar

This bit of Python code works fine for me on 0.7:

>>> t = """$ticket_body_hdr
... $ticket_props
... {% choose ticket.new %}\
... {%   when True %}\
... $ticket.description
... {%   end %}\
... {% end %}\
... """
>>> tmpl = NewTextTemplate(t)
>>> class Ticket(object):
...    pass
>>> ticket = Ticket()
>>> ticket.new = True
>>> ticket.description = "Description"
>>> tmpl.generate(ticket_body_hdr="HDR", ticket_props="PROPS", ticket=ticket).render()

Does it work for you?

comment:5 Changed 11 years ago by hodgestar

My example is missing a

>>> from genshi.template.text import NewTextTemplate

at the top.

comment:6 Changed 11 years ago by hodgestar

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comment:7 in reply to: ↑ 4 ; follow-up: Changed 11 years ago by jomae

Replying to hodgestar:

>>> t = """$ticket_body_hdr..."""

The multiline strings don't have \-escape at end of line.

>>> t = """aaaaa
... bbbbbb\
... ccccc"""
>>> print t

The test cases in genshi/templates/tests/text.py have the same.

comment:8 in reply to: ↑ 7 Changed 11 years ago by hodgestar

Replying to jomae:

The multiline strings don't have \-escape at end of line.

Oops. You are correct. I will fix the tests.

Adding t = r""" doesn't change the result though, so the newline escaping is working.

comment:9 Changed 11 years ago by hodgestar

It turns out this is caused by a combination of Genshi changing from loading templates with file mode "U" to opening them with file mode "rb" in 0.7, and of this particular Trac template having "\r\n" line-endings.

comment:10 Changed 11 years ago by t2y <tetsuya.morimoto@…>

Is this difficult to fix? or is there any workaround?

comment:11 Changed 11 years ago by t2y <tetsuya.morimoto@…>

Then, I finally understood. This issue happens when the template has \r\n line break. I can accept to avoid extra \ character using only \n for the template. However, in case the email-template, RFC says \r\n (CRLF) is appropriate as line break.

http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2046#section-4.1.1 http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2822

Changed 11 years ago by t2y <tetsuya.morimoto@…>

comment:12 Changed 11 years ago by t2y <tetsuya.morimoto@…>

I made a simple patch for trunk (0.8dev) to be able to handle CRLF line break. I confirmed all tests are passed on py26, py27, py32, py33. Could you review it?


comment:13 Changed 10 years ago by hodgestar

  • Resolution set to fixed
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Thanks for the patch! Applied to trunk in r1255 and to 0.7.x in r1256.

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