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    1111|| '''Template Engine''' || '''Rendering time (less is better)''' || '''Notes''' ||
    12 || Markup || 4.77 ms || ||
     12|| Markup || 4.13 ms || ||
    1313|| [http://www.clearsilver.net/ Clearsilver] || 0.33 ms || !ClearSilver is a text-based template engine written in C. ||
    1414|| [http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/templates/ Django] || 1.84 ms || Text-based template engine that comes with the [http://www.djangoproject.com/ Django] framework. ||
    1515|| [http://kid.lesscode.org/ Kid] || 5.66 ms || Kid templates are compiled to Python byte-code. The cElementTree implementation was used for this test, although using the Python implementation doesn't appear to make a significant difference. ||
     16|| [http://www.owlfish.com/software/simpleTAL/ SimpleTAL] || 2.07 ms || Another XML-based template engine written in Python, based on the [http://www.zope.org/ Zope] template engine (TAL). ''The template is a bit simpler than the other ones, due to me not being able to figure out how to do conditional attributes. ||
    1718The test template is rather simple right now and doesn't make much use of the advanced features provided by either Markup or Kid, because then it would be impossible to implement an equivalent template using other template languages.
     20== Another benchmark ==
     22There's another simple benchmark in the Markup repository: [source:/trunk/examples/basic/ examples/basic]. That example is however only implemented for Markup and Kid. Here are the numbers:
     24|| '''Template Engine''' || '''Rendering time (less is better)''' ||
     25|| Markup || 3.67 ms ||
     26|| [http://kid.lesscode.org/ Kid] || 9.45 ms ||
     28I'm not quite sure why the difference between Markup and Kid is so much more drastic in this example compared to the above. It does define more (and slightly more sophisticated) match templates, which would suggest that Markup implements those more efficiently. However, that's just a theory.