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Google Summer of Code 2008

The plan

* Reimplement XPath * Add some kind of pre-rendering of parts that don't use variables * Try compiling templates to Python bytecode * Try adding some minor optimizations

What has been done

Nothing, but the coding has just started. ;-)

Currently working at:

XPath reimplementation

XPath implementation in Genshi is rather buggy (for example http://genshi.edgewall.org/ticket/185). I want to rewrite it. I'm going to implement ideas from docs from the internet like  http://www.cs.uni-paderborn.de/fileadmin/Informatik/AG-Boettcher/Lehre/WS_07_08/dbis1/dbis1k8b-xpath_queries_on_xml_streams.pdf and  http://www.cs.uni-paderborn.de/fileadmin/Informatik/AG-Boettcher/Lehre/WS_07_08/dbis1/dbis1k8a-xml-streams.pdf.