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Ticket #130: loader_callback.diff

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More comprehensive patch

  • doc/plugin.txt

    191191.. _`Understanding HTML, XML and XHTML`: http://webkit.org/blog/?p=68 
     195The callback function that should be invoked whenever the template loader loads 
     196a new template. Unlike the other options, this option can **not** be passed as 
     197a string value, but rather must be a reference to the actual function. That 
     198means it can not be loaded from non-Python configuration files. 
    195202The error handling style to use in template expressions. Can be either 
  • genshi/template/plugin.py

    5858            raise ConfigurationError('Invalid value for max_cache_size: "%s"' % 
    5959                                     options.get('genshi.max_cache_size')) 
     61        loader_callback = options.get('genshi.loader_callback', None) 
     62        if loader_callback and not callable(loader_callback): 
     63            raise ConfigurationError('loader callback must be a function') 
    6165        lookup_errors = options.get('genshi.lookup_errors', 'lenient') 
    6266        if lookup_errors not in ('lenient', 'strict'): 
    6367            raise ConfigurationError('Unknown lookup errors mode "%s"' % 
    6771                                     auto_reload=auto_reload, 
    6872                                     max_cache_size=max_cache_size, 
    6973                                     default_class=self.template_class, 
    70                                      variable_lookup=lookup_errors) 
     74                                     variable_lookup=lookup_errors, 
     75                                     callback=loader_callback) 
    7277    def load_template(self, templatename, template_string=None): 
    7378        """Find a template specified in python 'dot' notation, or load one from